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Why Poker BI Training ?

Why Poker BI Training ?

Improve your Texas hold ’em Poker skills by playing against artificial poker intelligence and watch your poker skills multiply in days. Installs in minutes onto your computer.,

You will not only be playing against Artificial Poker Intelligence but also getting feedback on all your moves,

Shows you your weaknesses without mercy,

Trains your mind to consider and weight all the factors in making profitable poker decisions.,

Fixes the leaks in your game. It’s impersonal, its tells you as it is.

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Powerful Poker Software

Look no further for the answer to consistent online poker winnings; introducing the new PokerRNG 6.0. With unmatched features and powerful information at your fingertips there’s no doubt your bankroll will increase rapidly. Over seven years of research & development has created a masterpiece of software programming that has the power to literally change your future in the game of Texas Hold ‘Em poker. For use with a wide range of popular poker rooms and including a solid 30 day money back guarantee there’s no good reason not to step up your game right now. View our shocking never before published video showing the actual results from using PokerRNG 6.0 and see for yourself the awesome power you have been missing all along.

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Powerful Poker Software

Decision Making Data Available on Each played Hand

Most Texas holdem books and strategy web sites are filled with general advice aimed at beginning and intermediate players. If you think about this it makes sense, because over 90% of the population of poker players fit into one of these categories.

It’s also much easier to offer advice to the larger group because most of the players are so far from playing correctly that you can help them get huge increases in their results if you can get them to adjust their game in a few simple ways.


Program Advisor

Poker BI comes with its own inbuilt advisor. From analysis of millions of hands, its database will advice you on what you should do in all stages of the game.

Shows and leads you in the factors behind each decision

Advice given on pre-flop, the flop and the turn.

Graphical representation for all decisions.

Filter out any situation you like to analyze in your game, such as middle pair on the flop, flush draws.

Possibility to step through games manually

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Program Advisor

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